More than just content

Modern media is exploding right now, driven by a hungry online audience devouring tomorrows content yesterday. Savvy brands are utilizing engaging content as a Trojan horse for effective marketing campaigns that blur the lines between entertainment and commerce, and it is here that we fit in. Whether it be producing award winning documentaries for action sports brands like Epic TV or Red Bull, through to creating fresh stories for global car giant Mercedes Benz, sophisticated fashion brands like Wanderlustlife or Manastash, or supplying news agencies like the BBC or Mail Online, our goals remain the same, exceed our clients expectations and leave them more than just content.

Latest Project. DEEPER. Building on the highly successful series called Behind the Lines, currently viewed by more than two million people online, Red Bull commissioned us to produce a 5 part series investigating the world of big wave surfing through the eyes of one of their athletes, Andrew Cotton. Shot in 5 countries over 6 months, this will take you deep behind the scenes of one of the most extreme sports on the planet today. You can view the project on the Red Bull site here.